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Gossip Girl 5x10 review

FINALLY caught up. I know, wtf is wrong with me? But I was out of the county during this airing, and came back, tried to adjust back to US from Israel (which was AMAZING!), and then family came and eps returned and I just started getting anxious so I decided to wait until my stepsister and the baby (19 months!) were gone.

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Hey, Friends and other fellow comers to my journal. Heads up. I'll be out of the country for two weeks. And you know what that means? I am MISSING the mid-finale! *gasp* NO! But this trip is 1000x more important. Going to Israel! Cyrus is turning Blair Jewish; she would understand. :D So, when I return, I shall watch and review. I know you'll all be dying to OMG THE MID-FINALE! I'll be around soon to help you deal. In the meantime, though, SPOILERPHOBIC. Please, do not mention the mid-finale to me. Wait until after I review.

xoxo - Jackie ♥

XFactor -- See the icon? DO.NOT.APPROVE.

So pissed. Been half hour since I finished XFactor and I cannot deal. I don't mind about Astro gone just because someone better will pick him up (like, seriously, before the new year) and he'll do better than he could with XFactor since he's a rapper and this is not the competition for his style. He was amazing and I look forward to whatever is next. I would gladly listen to him.

But what made me cry, completely break down, was Drew. I don't care about these shows. I only watched Idol for Simon, and only when I was home, never on my own. And I checked XFactor for him because he is REAL and says what he thinks. And I fell in love with Drew. I always thought Melanie would win (still do, for sure!), but I wasn't ready for Drew to leave. She's my favorite. And she broke my heart. Those heartless bastards need to learn how to stop fucking picking fights with Simon. He does it because he has ALWAYS been this way, that's why his shows succeed. You're all along for the ride. And Nicole is the most useless judge in the world. Say what you will about Simon's attitude in his career and tonight..but I applaud him. He was upset. His girl was in hysterics since the last four was waiting their fate. Get out of her face. Get out of his.

Whatever is next for Drew...I'm with her. Full support. Be true to yourself and good luck. ♥

Gossip Girl 5x03 review

410 words. BORING was pretty much 350 of them.

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