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Gossip Girl 5x15 review

Gossip Girl 5x15

I would gladly watch 42 minutes every week if Georgina Sparks is the star of the show. OMG, watching Georgie, Phillip, and MILO! (♥) is amazing.

Short little review. I’m getting way too desensitized with this show. I don’t want to spend 1000 words throwing a fit. I don’t have any will power to care enough to be angry. I just end up LAUGHING at this BD mess. What a joke.


a) I hate Ivy, but OMG! FINALLY! YES! I cannot wait to see what Lola does now. I’m so excited.

b) MILO! MY BABY! You know what, G? Just send him to Barcelona while you and Phillip plot (or he does whatever you tell him to do). :D I think V would be happy for her baby back!

c) HELL YES on Chuck/Alessandra. I’m so down on that. That was a long time coming. And if he can get goodies about his “friend” Dan. More power to this! :D


e) For once, I didn’t have Serena during any part of this episode. WOW. Just, shocked me more than I can imagine, trust me. And just..amazing everything with BD. I love you, B. You’re my favorite. You’ll always be my favorite, but Serena…I loved you.

f) DOROTA! Be my valentine! Every second you are on my screen, I’m in heaven. Especially when you roll your eyes at Blair. LOL


a)Three seconds of Chuck all ep? *yawn* REALLY? At least CN was so on tonight. But I miss my Chuckles. I’d rather him making out with the world than barely see him. Although, vdB is on, as always.

b) Explain this to me: Chuck is a threat. If he’s around, RED FLAGS. But Louis does NOT care about Dan? The guy who WROTE HIS VOWS and was Blair’s get-away driver after the wedding? In what FUCKED UP UNIVERSE would Louis not have this woman report on anything involving Dan Humphrey? Or, is Louis like most of the world, LAUGHING at the thought of BD being REAL? ROTFLMAO. Oh, Dan. You’re that much of a non-threat. LMAO (forever!)

I think I’ll just stick with that. I’m so numb to BD because it’s a complete joke.


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Feb. 21st, 2012 05:29 am (UTC)
A. This is late but this review is hilarious and this is how I feel about DB. Not to be a bitch again but I had to put a few extreme Dair fans in their places after making the board less enjoyable for everyone; even the non shippers.

B. Gerogina is awesome and evil. She is using that master's degree in lies/deceit well. Cannon! that Dorota is a former spy and her/Anya had her deported to Russia was hilarious.

C. That whole paragraph on Dan/Dair are aces. I know I have given you crap about hating Dan/Dair before. I am sorry! :( I am an equal opportunity ship on this show but I have a problem GG is all about shipping with no plot, then tends to remix pairs to the point where all the fun is sucked out of shipping them in the first place. [Nate/Vanessa, Dan/Blair, Chuck/Dan etc] I can't even look at my slash ships in the same way, assholes!

D. I don't get this logic either tbh I feel like Louie should have side eyeing everyone except for Nate especially when he had Blair followed + the pictures of BD everywhere. Even when the Chair video came out, he punished Blair but left Chuck alone though CB ran off together and ended up injured in the accident.

My cannon is that Louie doesn't take Dan seriously because even he knows that Dair is fleeting, sorry fangirls it is true just like Dawson/Joey! or that Dan isn't an option because eventually the girl will end up with Chuck tbh. If GG doesn't put them together and some miracle that Blair ends up single; it will always be Chuck.
Feb. 22nd, 2012 01:09 am (UTC)
LOL...I knew you'd see the light beyond BD. Most things are left better to fanon than canon, anyway. (Like I will NEVER complain about Harry/Hermione not being canon because I hated every canon ship in HP, and HHr is actually my OTP of OTP.)

Side eyeing everyone but Nate! ROTFLMAO. So true! That, too me, is so pandering, writers. Because, while most things are realistic, this is just so contrived.
Feb. 22nd, 2012 01:44 am (UTC)
Aw. Harry/Hermoine. In the HP fandom I have no OTPs because I tend to read a mix of everything except Harry/Draco. I just can't with that one + I have developed a dislike for the movies after movie 4, but I thought the 2 actors had such a natural chemistry tbh. I would say that is my HP movie couple. I did enjoy Ron/Hermonie in the books but I think at the time I liked the snark more and the push/pull of it all. Never saw them as otp but I wasn't surprised if the 3 main kids developed an attraction growing up though.

As far as GG, I shipped Dan/Blair at a time when I wasn't a huge part of fandom, DB still disliked each other so I was like why not? Hee! It was never about CB vs DB it was enough of that going already with Nate in the picture just the "whole different people in different situations thing" made it bittersweet but once the possibility of Dan/Blair became cannon even as potential more than friends made me uncomfortable.

As far as cannon I adored Chair + shipped Blair with Dan also as another possibility not the better one amd tbh the way Dan is acting in season 5 is eerily close to a bad fanfic version of Dan, that DB had a relationship but she is back with Chuck, then Chuck showed her the book and she immediately cried cause she didn't know + it wasn't out of happiness. Blair was miserable.

I liked them during season 4 fine okay but season 5 and it all went to hell so I rejected the idea as a couple because it is so contrived now + the way BD was thrown together at the last minute with Blair being extremely selfish and leading dudes on like she is the pied piper of men + it was stupid of the writers trying to imply that Dan came to Blair's essay competition when Dan, Jenny didn't attend St. Jude until high school + therefore by saying that it was Blair all along while Serena was an illusion. pfft! or maybe that was Dan editing his book trying to make something out of nothing when they could just had B torn between Dan/Chuck without Louie plot period.

Feb. 22nd, 2012 01:51 am (UTC)
I try to sympathize with DS fans about all this bullshit, but, I don't. Because they fucked up NS's history for DS. So all I can feel is...turnaround is fair play on that.

I didn't understand when this essay thing happened. Was this implied during HS? I thought maybe freshman year. But, still, MAKES NO SENSE because in what universe would Chuck NOT go. Or Serena not go. So that's just utter BULLSHIT.
Feb. 22nd, 2012 02:17 am (UTC)
It was said in 5th or 6th grade with some random writing competition so Serena was still around + Chuck/Blair weren't close but of course one of them went it was a school event after all. I noticed in the pilot and most of season 1 that Chuck was Nate's friend and Serena was Blair's though they didn't talk to each other that much at first but they were always in similar events, parties etc. It was said in season 2, Chuck cam home drunk so Nate/Blair knew this. Even is they didn't go I still call bullshit though because Dan didn't know either of these people + I think he was obssessed with Serena from afar. oh bitch please! do better show! Blair/Carter were more believeable than this, a fan said this on IMDB a few weeks ago. lmao!

When did Serena go to bording school? It wasn't during 5th/6th right?

Dan and Jenny went to different schools up until high school. Jenny was a lowly freshmen; season 1 was was apart of her story at Constance.

The whole thing was a throwaway line from Dan's book + tptb had enough to buid DB into oblivion so it seems stupid.

Edited at 2012-02-22 02:20 am (UTC)
Feb. 22nd, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
MIDDLE SCHOOL?! ROTFLMAO Dan started St. Jude's in 9th grade. CANON. BULLSHIT, writers. EPIC FAIL.

Also, I totally don't agree on BS + CN + BN. They are FOUR BEST FRIENDS. I saw that from the pilot. I mean, I know I overshoot Serena/Chuck's history, though I don't think I'm that far reaching. But I really do believe BC were best friends way before Victrola.

1x01: the ending when Blair is all "She better not show her face here again." "I'm actually hoping she will." She says it as he walks up behind her. She doesn't see it's him. There's no way she would have said this to Katy and Is. She KNOWS it's him. She senses it.

1x03: Ivy. Everything about this episode was PARTNERS IN CRIME.

1x06: Just that one tiny scene. He knows exactly where she is. They banter. She TELLS him about her plans. (We've had this BS convo about Dan telling Vanessa about "doing it.")

1x07: "You are my toughest critic. Well, second toughest." Everything Victrola was best friend territory. He told Blair first. If she approves, he can go to Bart. When you break up with your boyfriend, the FIRST PERSON you go to is your BEST FRIEND. That is EXACTLY what Blair did. She went to Chuck. They had this unspoken way of talking. He knows her. He knows all of her. He knows that she NEEDS to be dared to do it. And, while NO ONE expected THAT, she needed him to dare her to let loose. "Guard my drink." You don't say that to a guy. Especially a guy you KNOW has history. Ironically enough, despite all the trust issues later on, she trusts him completely, and vice versa (when he tells her his plans for the club).

OMG, long "rant." I just get so defensive over the who...BC-only-interacted-because-of-Nate thing. (Plus, I have major BEST FRIEND issues...9/10, if it's a best friend thing, I will ship it!)
Feb. 22nd, 2012 04:59 am (UTC)
LOL! Artemis I always took Chuck/Blair as friend/enemies. IT was always so vague though I thought they were friends but never close until S came back to town + the whole Nate thing. I do think CB share history but the scheming kind; I never really bought them as besties! [don't sue me!] I think they are friends now + complicated romantic history and the fact that they are always in each other lives even indirectly. My cannon is that friends/enemies with a shared history growing up but always at a distance in high school until Victor/Victrola. Even with their friend scenes it was always looks, distance though I know Chuck always thought she was goregous of course + leering, smarmy comments but it just seemed playful like foreplay with no intention of sexing until it happened mid season 1 accidentally.

If Dan was a freshman in the pilot? What grade was Jenny in?

I found some info about the DB essay contest, it was tweeted from the writers and the whole thing still reeks of bullshit, so this is lies and garbage so an essay contest that only DB attend?

Fun fact: the essay contest referenced in 516 was something the writers planned to air in S1 but the strike stopped it from happening.

Edited at 2012-02-22 05:00 am (UTC)
Feb. 22nd, 2012 05:19 am (UTC)

but it just seemed playful like foreplay with no intention of sexing until it happened mid season 1 accidentally.

OMG! YES! THANK YOU! I don't think anything was there until Victrola/she went on stage. Let Nate and Dan love Serena from afar, but, I truly think it was her up on that stage that changed both their worlds. Nothing before that moment.

I mean, I'll read fics about Chuck wanting her before, but my canon is nothing actually felt more than friends/partners in crime until she was on that stage.

She was the only girl he respected. And she was the only girl he would never go for because she was Nate's.

Dan wasn't a freshman on the show, but we know he started St. Jude's then.

BTW, what writer said this? Ones who weren't there in S1? Who have NEVER WATCHED the show before they were hired? Probably.

Also, Safran is a dick. Don't trust anything he says. Or Stephanie says. and Schwarts doesn't even pretend to work on GG.
Feb. 22nd, 2012 05:36 am (UTC)
I don't know what writer said this but apparently Josh S doesn't work on anything GG anymore because he has a new series out now with Hart of Dixie, I watch this with Rachel Bilson and another show on Foxx or something like that.

Stephanie Savage has left the show also but as far as I know Safran and whatever horrible writers are there.

From my understanding Dan/Jenny were in similar grades + they probably went to public school in Brooklyn. In season 1 and later in season 3 the granddad or either Rufus had some inheritance for DJ to go to a better school since it was high school and Rufus wanted them to have a better education so in the pilot they transferred to St. Jude's/Constance but Dan wasn't a freshmen though the NJBC + Dan were juniors I think because of the breakfast, luncheon with Blair bitching out Serena and S taking the fall for Eric, when he came out of rehab for attempted suicide/depression + Nate/Dan with the whole dad plot and what college they wanted to go to where Dan was interested in Brown?

Word! About CB, I still watch the clips on youtube and the minute she was on that stage + that look he gave her was pure gold. I think the dance + the hookup was their moment and it kind of exploded because even I didn't think they had that much chemistry until VV.

My favorite episode is actually Blair's 17 bday bash with the shoulder kiss + the butterfly speech and to me BC felt a litttle more genuine since he actually liked her and didn't easily go away like they wanted too. [I assumed it was just a hookup then Josh and co gotten so much feedback from fans that they extended their arc.] I remember that time reading fics and it spawned so many stories about them having so much history + underground relationship and some were written well though but that was never truly believable to me either so I sort took it as a BC AU, some of those stories added way more heart and brokenness than the UES kids were ever protrayed.

Unpopular op: CB started out with Victor/Victrola and sex but later it turned into something more. I know this doesn't sum up everything but basically Blair/chuck had a fling + it wasn't to get revenge at Nate or anyone else, just something that happened and kept on happening. [B 17 bday, right before cotillion/offscreen + before Chuck's schemes, if he hadn't interferred I truly believe after the thing was over she would have been with Chuck that night instead of Nate.]

Edited at 2012-02-22 06:08 am (UTC)
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