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So, guys! While I STILL have yet to catch up, I DID write Thanksgiving fic yesterday. Fluffy N-JBC/vdB featuring LEXI! Because, I don't like canon, so I make my own!

So That's Why Thanksgiving Is the Favorite

Please read and review! I would love to hear your thoughts!

GG Marathon!

Okay. I'm officially in a GREAT Gossip Girl mood. No, not because I know anything since Cece died. But I'm avoiding finding out ANYTHING past that episode. But people are reblogging CB and I can't stay away. So I shall finish S5 and move my way to S6.

But, my Lydia/Jackson {Teen Wolf} love is really colliding with Blair/Chuck and we're gushing about how AWESOME Lydia/Jackson + Blair/Chuck + Serena/Nate would be. And I'm suddenly SO HYPED and giddy for my BC. ♥

So, my goal is to get through S5 starting Friday, Nov. 2. I don't know how the reviews are going to be. If I go episode by episode or group them. It depends on what kind of feelings this show gives me.

Blair/Dan is a joke. I don't even care. It's the Basses that are the reason I haven't watched yet. PLEASE NO TELLING until I get there. I know a lot of you want to know how I feel. Just give me a couple more weeks. PROMISE.

I work full time and I'm on my first semester of graduate school. Bare with me.

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